About Ajet
Marking Solution

Ajet Marking Solution is a coding and marking solution provider covering the entire Malaysia. Our goal is to provide professional marking solutions to customers entire malaysia.Our solutions enable manufacturers to print late-stage information onto products and packaging, such as; expiry, use by and best before dates, batch & model numbers, logos, and barcodes (linear and 2D DataMatrix or GS1 standard).

We offer a variety of solutions, including Vision Localization Solution, One Product with One Code Solution, Invisibility Anti-fake Solution, PCB Automatic Printing Solution, and Customized Auto Printing Solution. Our goal performance includes providing services to customers, achieving printing accuracy, efficiency, low cost, data management, and brand protection. At Ajet Marking Solution, we provide great printers and solutions, whether for a single customized order or a bulk order. We also strive to stay up-to-date with the latest equipment and technology to ensure our customers receive the best possible solutions.


Ajet Marking Solution was established in 2003, specializing in the development and production of marking and printing machines. With numerous patented technologies and inventions, we have obtained ISO9001 quality certification as well as CE certification from the European Union. We are committed to providing professional marking solutions to customers worldwide.

At Ajet Marking Solution, we specialize in providing coding and marking solutions such as vision localization, one product with one code, invisibility anti-fake, PCB automatic printing, and customized auto printing. Our solutions have helped over 20,000 customers achieve printing accuracy, efficiency, low cost, data management, and brand protection. No matter what your printing needs are, we can provide you with great printers and customized solutions.

Ajet Marking Solution products are extensively utilized in various industries, including new energy batteries, mobile communications, computer manufacturing, electronic and electrical appliances, kitchen and home appliances, auto parts, building materials and hardware, food and beverage, pharmaceutical packaging, chemical industry, daily necessities, wire and cables, among others.

Why Choose Us

Our Business Advantages

Powerful Technology

Our company is a professional manufacturer with a strong capability in research and development. We take quality control seriously and continuously update our technology.


Ajet Marking Solution has a wealth of experience in the printing industry and has acquired numerous patents for its innovative technologies and inventions.

OEM Service

Our company offers comprehensive products and accessories, including the option for OEM service. We have achieved ISO9001 quality certification and hold CE certification from the European Union.

One-Stop Service

Our services encompass design, production, and after-sales support all in one convenient package.

Standardization Rules

We strictly adhere to standardization rules in our production process, which not only saves time and costs for both parties, but also maximizes benefits for our customers.